The Art of Jewelry

The art of Jewelry

“If I can give a piece of advice to all women in the world, it’s to wear their jewels in everyday life” - Valérie Messika.

Messika is right. Why own beautiful jewelry, if it’s simply going to stay in a drawer? Like pieces of exquisite art, your jewelry is meant to be worn, enjoyed and seen! And like any great artist, Messika seeks to create pieces that inspire. She has a unique way of using different cuts of diamonds in rings, bracelet and earrings.

At its core, jewelry designers are artists; consumed in the production of pieces that reflect style, artisanship, and uniqueness. Jewelry designers such as Lisa Nik, remind us that the artistic elements of our accessories tell a story of greatness. Creating avant-garde jewelry for a global network of enlightened women, Nik’s message of individuality is drawn by bold colors and elusive configurations. Her one-of-a-kind asymmetrical colored gemstone earrings simply sparkle in our Leeds & Son Fine Jewelry showroom.

Similar to art, jewelry can be shared and given. The act of purchasing a diamond engagement ring for example, is both a gift of artistic wonderment and the promise of everlasting love. Giving someone a ring becomes the act of gifting an artistic creation that has been molded in order to represent a larger idea.

Just like when purchasing art, it takes time to find the perfect match. We know that each piece of jewelry is fashioned with the remnants of artistry. Leeds & Son Fine Jewelers experts select the most extraordinary and rare diamonds and gemstones for clients and make sure your shopping experience is as special as the piece you purchase.

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