Jewelry by Marco Bicego in Palm Desert
Marco Bicego Jewelry in Palm Desert

Your Official Marco Bicego Jeweler

Hand-crafted and made in Italy, Marco Bicego's jewelry is inspired by Venice and the natural settings surrounding. Marco Bicego’s jewelry style is organized by hand engraved, hand twisted coil and multicolor gemstones and all made in 18 karat gold.

The hand engraved jewelry collections combine old world tradition with contemporary design. The hand engraved jewelry collections include: Lunaria, Siviglia, Murano, Jaipur Link, Africa and Delicati. The hand twisted coil jewelry design is a signature technique; bringing a contemporary “twist” to the timeless elegance of gold. The hand twisted coil jewelry collections include: Marrakech, Goa and Cairo. The third hallmark, multicolored gemstones is a bespoke mix of varying shades of precious gemstones is a signature Marco Bicego jewelry look. Multicolor gemstones are combined in a unique way rendering each jewelry creation truly one-of-a-kind. The multicolor gemstones jewelry collections include: Paradise, Jaipur and Murano.